Wedding Tip: Book @aficialevents! Karen was one of the main reasons our wedding went so smoothly and we didn’t have to trip out about ANYTHING !! She was #awesome, paid real close attention to schedule & detail, while dealing with everyone’s requests & last minute changes very professionally. She was on top of us to make sure we got things done on time, took care of putting our placecards together last minute, & handled all communication with our vendors. She came in clutch and provided the best vendor deals around (price & quality; I know bc I did my research/inquiries as well 😆). Best part was that it was like talking & working with a homie the whole time, so she made the experience fun! #definitionofcoordination #theRealOne #cantgowrongwithher #aficialevents #weddingcoordination
— Ednalen Bognot (May 2018)

Karen is simply amazing!

A family member referred her to us after I had no leads about wedding planning. Silly me thought my husband and I could save money on planning and executing a wedding ourselves, who were we kidding?! 

I am so happy we took the initiative to meet Karen and hire her as our day of coordinator. Besides the coordination she also helped us with many other wedding planning aspects. As a young couple transitioning into the married life we really didn’t understand or know the whole marriage process. This is where Karen came in, she helped answer any questions we had and directed us towards saving as much money as we could. We felt very relieved knowing we could count on her. 

I really appreciated how fast Karen would answer our responses, questions, would do weekly meetings, check-ups and how organized she was overall. The day of the wedding we had no worries as she would find solutions to many of the problems that might arise and she handled everything perfectly.

Thank you so much for helping our wedding happen and making our vision come to life. Major props to Karen for planning our wedding in a month and a half!
— Gresedajl Henry (March 2018)

Karen was our wedding planner (i.e. Planning Package) and greatly succeeded our expectations. Karen was with us from the beginning to designing our Save the Date cards, to our wedding invitations, to creating our wedding toppers, to our donut wall, acrylic wall signs, table signs -- you name it, she makes it. Karen designed all our prints,  created our beautiful decor, and the bonus is that she is extremely resourceful and is able to do her projects at such an economical price. 

Our vendors (e.g. DJ/MC, photographers/videogprapher, photo booth, and shuttle) were professional and amazing, all of which were referred by Karen. She also provided her expertise when we would need advice for price comparisons when it came to our rentals, went with us to the flower district to figure out the right floral design, and attended all our design meetings at our venue in LA. Karen gave recommendations that truly enhanced our wedding.

Karen's is not your average wedding planner. Her demeanor is calm, collected, works well with under pressure. She befriends vendors; people feel comfortable with her. My husband was particular about many things of the wedding planning process, and she was extremely patient with us and was able to work with us  when things got really stressful.

On the actual day of the wedding, we did not have to worry about anything that day because of the work Karen did to prepare for our wedding. The venue was decorated beautifully, the music and MC were great, vendors were on time, and the wedding was everything we dreamt it to be. We are indebted to work that Karen did for our wedding. She is an amazing planner, designer/creator, and a gem to work with. Karen is someone you'd want in your corner for one of the most important days in your lives.

Nov 2017

Karen did a great job as coordinator for our wedding.  We hired her as a day-of coordinator as well as a partial planner to assist with the flowers/decor.  My wedding was in San Diego but I live in the Bay.  Given this circumstance, her organization and communication were great, which was key to the success of our wedding day.  She helped me to come up with a theme and decoration, which all turned out amazing!  On the day of the wedding, Karen and her assistant kept the day running smoothly and on time.  She quickly found solutions to small fires that came up and ensured that the groom and I ate so that we could enjoy the night without fainting. =P We're very happy that we trusted Karen with our big day.  Thanks Karen!!

Aug 2017

Karen did an amazing job helping my husband, parents, and I plan our wedding!  When our guestlist went from 350 to over 400 people, she was truly our lifesaver, timesaver, and go to for all of our wedding needs!  She connected with every one of our vendors and was always available should we have needed anything from big to small during planning!  The day of, she made sure everything and everyone was in place!  My husband and I had no worries and could focus on our day!  She was very easy to work with, always accommodating, extremely flexible, and made sure our wedding vision was brought to life!  We couldn't have pulled this off without her and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone in need of planning or a la carte services!! She was amazing!  THANK YOU KAREN!

Aug 2017

This review is long overdue however I would not be able to live with myself if I did not sing the praises of Karen! 
My husband and I planned a destination wedding in San Diego solely using the internet to find and book vendors. I stumbled across Karen after weeks of research and boy am I glad I called her. She is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! 

We did not meet Karen in person until about 3 weeks before the wedding. Up until then, all our communication was via telephone, text and email. I was nervous up until the moment we met...what if she wasn't able to deliver? Oh my gosh! My worries were for naught.
Upon meeting her, we clicked immediately and all my apprehensions disappeared. She was laid back and easy to talk to. She was prepared with ideas and suggestions for us and she totally understood our vision for a chill, Mexican themed wedding in Old Town. Karen is, quite simply, AMAZING!  

On our big day, she was the first to show up, she single handedly put my escorting cards out, hung flowers, decorated my sweets table, picked up our wedding cake and cupcakes and delivered on every promise she made. Even though the weather didn't cooperate (down pour right at ceremony time), Karen was prepared and made the day go off without a hitch. In short, Karen is professional, dependable and accommodating. We were more than impressed with the outcome and would without a doubt recommend Karen Aficial to any bride and groom getting married in California (she travels!!). 

Karen made our special day an unforgettable and stress-free one! Thank you...thank are the best!

Nov 2016

Karen and her husband Alex are a wonderful couple who went beyond expectations to make our wedding day everything we ever could have asked for. Both of them are very communicative and went out of their way to ensure they had an understanding of how we hoped the day would play out, translating into a very memorable time not only for us, but also for our guests and vendors. 

Karen's meticulousness with details assured we had a reliable set of eyes on our program, affording her opportunities to take initiative with aspects of our wedding that we had not considered. This included creative recommendations to our procession (compared to what the church coordinator typically advises) and creative suggestions on decor placement. While my wife and I had an idea of how our wedding would look on paper, Karen was able to alleviate that burden from our minds and tie all the loose ends together to perfection. Everyone knew what they were doing, especially the folks who required stand-ins during rehersal because they were not yet in town. Most importantly, Karen and Alex have great interpersonal skills, evident in how well they mingled with our family and took care of our vendors. 

Alex was a fantastic MC. Not only did he take care of the typical introductions and transitions into the different parts of our reception, he was able to carry the momentum throughout the night by hyping up our guests (especially the ones I didn't think could really cut loose). He put people on the spot in a good way, calling attention over the mic to the fun that different individuals were having. 

These two are borderline genius for putting their personal strengths together as a service. They came highly recommended and my wife and I will attest to this. We are very grateful for all they have done and only wish we had more time to see them after all the festivities had ended.

Nov 2016

I can not express how grateful I am to have been referred to Karen as my day-of coordinator! 

I am a DIY type of person and when it came to my wedding, I wanted to design it all myself... However I realized that I needed an expert to help me execute my vision and pull it all together to make it happen flawlessly. Karen was so helpful right from our first phone call. She helped me organize my to-do list and put together my timeline. She was so knowledgeable about the planning process and answered all of my questions. 

Karen is also the sweetest person you will ever interact with. She makes you feel 100% comfortable. She worked her magic on our wedding day by managing all the vendors and setting up and decorating the entire venue... and on top of that, she led our crazy wedding party through a last minute rehearsal with grace and efficiency. 

From my perspective, my wedding day was a beautiful & magical whirlwind, and I am SO thankful that I had Karen to guide me through it so calmly. I was able to relax and enjoy my day without worrying about a thing, and I trusted her completely to make any last minute decisions. I would have been lost without Karen's amazing ability to multi task and manage the whole event from start to finish. She even came back at the end of the night to pack everything up so I could keep the party going. 

Karen is seriously amazing and talented and I can not recommend her enough!!

Nov 2016

Karen was the day-of coordinator for my wedding and she was fabulous! She went above and beyond and even answered lots of questions for us long before the day of the ceremony. She was constantly reaching out to make sure we were prepared and at ease during all of the preparations. We couldn't have done it without her! The day of the wedding, she made sure everything ran smoothly and that all of the vendors were in the loop and taken care of. My guests had so much fun at the wedding ceremony and reception and many even commented on how put together and on top of things Karen was. She also handled the rehearsal the day before and made sure everyone knew what to do and where to sit at the ceremony. We had a lot of decorations to put up/break down and she helped make the venue (Bahia Belle) look magical. I would highly recommend her. Not only is she great at her job, but she is also a kind and wonderful person. Thank you, Karen!

Sept 2016

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 5.54.36 PM.png

Karen did a wonderful job at my wedding! She made the boutonnières for the boys and men along with my floral hairpiece. She also made beautiful sunflower crowns for the flower girls. Everything lasted the whole day and looked beautiful in pictures. She is so easy to work with and will help your vision come to life. She even gave me the awesome idea to put the coins for the coin bearer in a cute mason jar and for the rings to be put in another small jar since I didn't want the traditional ring bearer pillow. This was clearly evident of how innovative and creative she can be.  She was always very quick to respond to calls, text messages, and emails.  She will even help you create your Pinterest board. I absolutely love this planner and I hope you decide to go with her. She's very professional but so much fun to work with at the same time. - Kristina Latonio Wilson

August 2016

Extremely organized, super professional, and the most genuine coordinator you will ever meet!" -- these are the words I would use to describe my experience working with Karen Aficial. Prior to our wedding, Karen had already been interning with another wedding event company in San Diego. Having a couple events already under her belt and from our initial meet, we were confident in our decision to choose Karen as our month-of-coordinator. We had a really tight budget to say the least (our flowers were from a Palm Springs grocer, we DIY'ed nearly all of the decor, and cut corners where it made sense). Leading up to our wedding, I didn't even stop to think about hiring a coordinator until I was overwhelmed doing last minute things the month of and I knew then, I needed extra help. I met with Karen a little more then a month before our wedding. We met over video chat online (not in person because I live in SF and she lives in San Diego). It was so easy to communicate with her and she totally made me feel more at ease with her confidence to take on our wedding coordination so last minute. She asked the right questions, took note of all of my (very detailed) direction and vision, took initiative (without me having to make e-intros through email) to contact all of our vendors, read all of our vendor contracts thoroughly making sure we didn't miss any important details, and put together a timeline that saved us throughout our wedding weekend! The only mistake I made, was not hiring her sooner! Being a bride who also manages events as my 9-5, it totally put me at ease to meet someone who understood all the little details of what it takes to manage a successful event. We can't thank her (and her husband Alex our MC) for running a smooth wedding for us from start to finish. The best advice I could give for those lucky enough to come across her services, don't hesitate...schedule a meet....and start your wedding planning with Karen ASAP! - Charlene Torio

A year into planning our wedding weekend, my fiancé and I intrepidly decided to put ourselves at the helm of all wedding planning, including the actual day of planning. A couple weeks before the wedding we were knee deep in vendor contacts, seat charts, guest counts, flower arrangements, and whatever wedding chaos that was thrown at us. Enter Karen Aficial!! For those of you that think you do not need a coordinator, or you think that a close relative or friend will suffice, SPOILER ALERT… you absolutely need one!! We had the fortunate opportunity of working with Karen on her very first event and you could never tell she was new to the game. She literally saved us on what would’ve been a coordinating whirlwind of choices on the actual day, and it felt as if she has been doing this for years. Even before the wedding she had already gathered all of our vendor contacts and began introducing herself to each and every single one of them. She had coordinated with my fiancé (at the time) a bulletproof timeline for the wedding day that was so incredibly detailed, we were pretty much carrying it around in-hand like it was the actual bible. Seriously, if there was ever a question or problem, we would consult the timeline like we were looking for a proverb or a verse. The best thing about Karen is that she’s a go-getter. She executed all of her decisions independently, and sometimes we’d contact a vendor about a particular problem and apparently “Karen already handled it already.” Awesome!! And I couldn’t have imagined a better wedding!! Everything was executed to perfection and Karen was at the forefront of all decisions! Seriously, I had the best storybook wedding, and Karen was there to turn the page for us every step of the way. When things were executed perfectly, she handled it with humility and grace, and even when obstacles arose, she handled them with gusto and poise. We hired a coordinator, but now we’ve gained a lifelong friend. Hire her now!! - Randy Torio

May 2016